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Truth Be Told

Directed by Colin Johnson

With Jessica Risco, Celia Maurice & Jeff Ennor

Beth and her mother, June are looking through Christmas ornaments together and drinking wine. They’re both a bit tipsy.


Where did this one come from?

JUNE This is my absolute favorite...from your father, during out first Christmas.

BETH It’s been around longer than me. I'd never have thought. Guess it’s aged better.

JUNE Beth, you’re stunning. Perhaps if you thought more of yourself, you’d be married by

now. There’s nothing sexier than confidence, you know. I once read -


A toast! To your first Christmas with Dad.


I’ll drink to that!...So tasty.

BETH Hard to believe he's been gone five years. His ass is still imprinted on the couch in his


JUNE Your father spent countless hours on that cruddy old thing. I’ve been wanting to throw it

out...but I never get around to it.

BETH It might be therapeutic. We could take it to a thrift shop. Who knows? Maybe it will end

up with someone whose cheeks fit Daddy’s ass groove.

JUNE That sounds like a twisted version of Cinderella. Actually, my new year’s resolution is to

get rid of every reminder. I need the catharsis.


Every reminder. You sure you’re ready for that?


You bet your sweet derrière I am!


Or maybe it's the wine talking.

JUNE Nonsense. I’ve always thought you had a lovely toosh. Enjoy it while it lasts because

before you know it gravity will set in and -

BETH As much as I'd like to hear about the woes of gravity, I'd rather talk about something

more important. Especially now that you've had a chance to meet Todd-

JUNE He is wonderful! I know I've just met him but I can already tell Todd is the one. My

future son in law.

BETH I've always found the idea of "the one" to be a bit old fashioned and very restrictive. You know that.

JUNE Well, this one's much better than your last one. That Eric fellow. He had all the charisma of a block of wood. So, you tossed him for Todd, I’ll bet. Good girl!


There's actually a lot more to that story-

Todd enters quietly, holding a photo. Beth sees him and they exchange a look, without June noticing. He puts the photo in his pocket while June talks.

JUNE Doesn't matter. Todd is perfect. And such a dish! The things I would do to that boy if I

were in your -


Hey, love! No luck, huh?

Todd greets her with a kiss.

TODD Na, store closed early. They'll be no egg nog tonight, I'm afraid.

He hugs June who pats him on the rear.

Which may not be a bad thing.


You are too sweet for words.


Thanks, June.


I'm so glad you and Bethy made the trip from New York. I hardly see her outside of the holidays.

TODD Glad to be here. She hates being called Bethy, by the way.

JUNE I can’t help it. Sooner or later she and I are gonna have a blow out about it. Or some

other trivial matter. We always do. So, it’s nice to have you here as a buffer.

TODD I’d like to think I bring more to the table than being a referee for one of your fights.

JUNE You certainly do. You're a nice piece of eye candy. And so much more charming than

the last man Beth brought home. Quiite a flaccid personality. Hopefully that was the only area he had that problem.

TODD I'm sure it was. Maybe you didn’t give him a chance.

JUNE With all due respect, it’s hard to take her boyfriends seriously. Who knows how long

they’ll be around?


That‘s it! I’m cutting you off, mother.

JUNE Don't blame the vino. I’m just saying what I’ve been thinking for years. Let me show you


Beth grabs a small box from the ornaments and hands it June.


A Chewbacca Christmas ornament?


Grabs it from Beth

Cool! Tiny Chewie!

JUNE That’s not for you! I saw it, oh, it must have been about ten years ago. I couldn’t resist

that furry face. I knew he would make the perfect ornament for your baby's first Christmas. Like the R2D2 we got for you, Bethy.


You bought this for my unborn child.


Yes, but it was clearly a wasted effort.


I’m sorry you find me so disappointing, mom.

JUNE Don’t put words in my mouth. I’m very proud of you - of the woman you’ve become. Just

answer me this - will I live to see my beautiful daughter walking down the isle? Can you at least make that happen for me?

BETH Why is it so important to you? I can be content without a ring on my finger? Truth be

told, marriage didn’t seem to bring that much joy to you and daddy.

JUNE Marriage isn’t always about happiness. It's about commitment. It’s about partnership

and, and - teamwork!

TODD You don’t think people can have that without a marriage certificate?

JUNE You’d have to start with commitment. Are you committed to my daughter?

TODD Absolutely. We’ve been going strong for two years. I want to spend the rest of my life

with her.

JUNE Two years?...That can't be. She was with Eric this time last year.

BETH Todd was also in my life. We kept it from you because I didn't think you could handle it.

And I'm still with Eric.

TODD We both are. He's flying in tomorrow morning. I wanted to meet you on my own first.

Hopefully you’ll treat him better because we're going to be part of your life from now on.

JUNE Stop it with all this nonsense! You’re just trying to rile me up...

June is quite shaken. Beth puts her arms around her.

BETH You've been very honest with me tonight. Now it's my turn. Eric, Todd and I - we're

partners. In all things. I don’t expect you to agree or even to understand. But I want you to know I’m happy. Hopefully one day, that will be enough for you. And to answer your question, mom - no. That wedding you’ve longed for isn’t going to happen. Please accept that.


I don’t know what to say...I’m just so glad you’re father isn’t here to find out that his only child is...I don’t even know what you are.


I’m your daughter. That much hasn’t changed.

TODD We do have more thing to share with you, June. Maybe it will make this situation easier

for you to bear.

Todd places the Chewbacca ornament in June‘s lap.


You might want to keep this around for next year.


What do you mean?

BETH We’re finalizing adoption paperwork. Our baby girl will be coming home in a few weeks.

Todd pulls a photo out of his pocket and hands it to June.


Say hello to your future granddaughter.


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