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Shortz is the short film division of ShotzSF. Several times a year, we adapt some of our best short play scripts into screenplays. It is the mission of SHORTZ to connect the complementary art forms of cinema and live theatre to reach a broader audience and express our art in a new medium.

Our debut film in the series, Heavy Lifting, was adapted from the script written by Jeremy Cole for the June 2018 Shotz: Pride. It stars Mark Vashro and Jesse Lumb and was directed by Melanie Bandera-Hess and Jess Thomas.

Shortz participated in the 48-Hour Film Project in San Francisco in August 2019 with Godmother, written by Shotz Artistic Director Jayme Catalano and Jess Thomas. Starring Shotz veterans Mark Vashro, Sara-Jean Bartky, and Jayme Catalano. Directed, shot, and edited by Jess Thomas of One Shoe Films. 

Much like the Shotz pressure cooker format, the team was given a prompt and charged with turning in a completed short film within 48 hours. 

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