August 19th @ 7pm PST


Artistic Director: Christian Haines 



 1. Include 10 seconds of silence 
 2. Someone must be overly accommodating 
 3. Include the line "Would you rather _____ or _____?" 






Written by Jenn Le Blanc


Directed by Suzanne Dean 

Acted by Aldo Billingslea  & Annamarie MacLeod

Written by Neiry Rojo


Directed by Melissa Ortiz

Acted by Regina Morones & Will Brown

Written by Sinjin Jones


Directed by Kevin Hammond


Acted by Norman Gee, Skylar Adams & Jennifer Bradford

Written by Phil Wong


Directed by Jomar Tagatac


Acted by Melissa Ortiz, Laura Jane Bailey & Jessica Risco

Written by David Graham


Directed by Armando McClain


Acted by Christian Haines & Maeron Yeshiwas

Written by Roberta D'Alois


Directed by Christian Haines


Acted by Dorian Lockett, Conan Moats & Ray Renati