Socially Distant Noir 

 May 7th @ 6pm PST


Artistic Director: Christian Haines 



 1. Someone must breakdown (cry, yell, destroy something)
 2. A clue must be discovered
 3. Include the phrase "better than a deck with six aces"






Written by Zoe Young


Directed by Ray Renati


Acted by Celia Maurice, Michele Delattre & Ellen Brooks

Written by Aeron Macintyre


Directed by Suzanne Dean

Acted by Will Brown, Annemarie Macleod & Randy Russell

Written by Colin Johnson


Directed by Christian Haines


Acted by Richard Theriot, Jusin Yorio & Tamara Hoffman

Written by Christopher Magee


Directed by Jennifer King

Acted by Joseph O'Malley & Christian Haines

Written by Eteya Trinidad


Directed by Brianna Bohnett


Acted by Puja Tolton & Heren Patel

Written by Nic Sommerfeld


Directed by Molly Noble


Acted by Melissa Ortiz, Maddy Rouverol & Sarah Guilbault

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