April 8th @ 6pm PST ​

Artistic Director: Christian Haines
Executive Producer: Jayme Catalano 



 1. Have at least one character act like or have the characteristics of a cat from a youtube video 
 2. At least one character must leave the frame of the video for 10 seconds 
 3. Include the line "Look who's Mr Happy Pants." 






Writer Melissa Morrell

Director Chris Morrell


Actors Sean Garahan, Robyn Grahn & Ray Renati

Writer Colin Johnson

Director Jess Thomas

Actors Will Brown, Alison Whismore & Russ Whismore

Writer Jennifer Le Blanc

Director Brianna Bohnett

Actors Jayme Catalano, Anna Kriktos & Aeron Macintyre

Writer Jess Thomas

Director Melissa Ortiz

Actors Jaime Lee Hart & Norman Gee

Writer Chris Magee

Director Christian Haines


Actors Michael Magee, Maryssa Wanlass & Mark Vashro

Writer Conan Moats

Director Christian Haines

Actors Katie Metzger, Melissa Ortiz, Rob Hille & Michael Fulvio

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