The Roaring Twenties 

 January 25th at 7 & 8:30 pm 

Artistic Director: Christian Haines
Executive Producer: Jayme Catalano 



 1. Relate to the theme 'The Roaring Twenties' 
 2. One character must struggle with technology 
 3. Include the line "Yippee Kayee" 






Writer Vince Faso

Director Mary Ann Rodgers

Actors Missa Perron & Henry Halkyard

Writer Melissa Morell

Director Chris Morell

Actors Michael Magee
& Alissa Magril

Writer Jess Thomas

Director Jess Thomas


Actors Robyn Grahn & Matt Gunnison

Writer Malinda Coler

Director Amanda Lee

Actors Megan Luis & Danielle Doyle

Writer Sean Garahan

Director Aeron Macintyre

Actors Marissa Clarke Howard
& Vince Faso

Writer Natalie Zutter

Director Ray Renati

Actors Jayme Catalano
& Heren Patel

Join us for the first Shotz of the decade with Shotz: The Roaring Twenties! Twelve actors, six writers, and an adrenaline fueled celebration of the short play.

The themes are:
1. Relate to the theme "The Roaring Twenties"
2. One character must struggle with technology
3. Include the line ,"Yippee kayee"

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