April 23, 2016


Directed by Melissa Ortiz

With Christian Haines & Robyn Grahn



Cast of Characters

Lynn: A model employee. Perky and efficient. Totally over Evan. Uggg, Evan. Totally over him.


Evan: OhmyGod, please not Lynn. Anyone but Lynn. Todd, you

owe me a shift. Damnit.




April 23, 2016


Directed by Jess Thomas

With Randy Russell & Jaime Lee Currier


Lights up on ROSALINE sitting at a bar. She solemnly sips on some whiskey. DONALBAIN walks up with a drink in his hand.



Mind if I sit next to you?



Go ahead.



You don't look like you...

April 23, 2016


Directed by Jaime Lee Currier

With Sean Garahan & Amy Lizardo



Setting: Purgatory’s Gay Bar, “The Elephant”


Antonio, a hyper-masculine sailor, played by a female actor in drag Hamlet, a sensitive young man


There are two stools, a bar, many empty beers or sho...

April 23, 2016


Directed by Katie Meinholt

With Russ Whismore & Alison Whismore


A Georgian-era theatrical dressing room.




[Entering] Hearest I, thou dost wish to parley? Thou bearest encumbrances of soul where regards the play?



[Turning from her mirror. Sharply.] This is j...

April 23, 2016



Directed by Jessica Risco

With William Brown III & Laura Jane Bailey



Based on: Romeo and Juliet and The Taming of The Shrew


Kate is on stage eating a piece of beef jerky. ROMEO comes stumbling on with a bottle of poison.


ROMEO: O, dark and dem’nous fate, thou art a w...

April 23, 2016

Directed by Colin Johnson

With Jeff Ennor & Melissa Ortiz



At rise, MELISSA reads a love note. She is absolutely smitten.

...time matters not, nor space, nor age nor place. Moments are molasses as I wait to set mine tired eyes on thee. Even those shunned to...

April 7, 2016

Directed by Mario Gonzales

With Melissa Ortiz, Laura Peterson & Sarah David



Three female police investigators are working around a crime scene. All three have the same dark blue windbreaker on, dark pants, gloves, paper booties over their shoes, and their hair up in po...

April 7, 2016


Directed by Mary Ann Rodgers

With Amber Crane, Robyn Grahn & John Rose


Robyn and her husband, John, are lying flat on the floor, heads close together. Amber, a therapist, sits on a large fitness ball. Amber and Robyn have iPads. John has an iPhone.



John, how does...